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Best Decorative Pillows

Best Decorative Pillows

Vest decorative pillows 2019

Decorative pillows can instantly transform a simple sofa into an extraordinary and a normal bed into a relaxing oasis. They not only increase comfort and cosiness, but can also serve as a central point of contact for statements. Whether you want to add a touch of color to a room, upgrade upholstery or bring in bold patterns, our designers have compiled a list of decorative pillow styles to illustrate the trendiest decorative pillows for 2019.


colorful decorative pillows 2019

Who said that decorative pillows are all about aesthetics or comfort? To make a memorable statement, include pillows that mean something to you or represent a facet of your lifestyle that you want to share.

From sports team themes to your favorite dog breed, there is an endless variety of options and routes that will make your home as unique as you are.


Marimekko decorative pillows

Marimekko’s most infamous print, celebrated for its bold, recognizable prints that are reminiscent of pop art, has to be the timeless poppy print. Lively and playful, the label’s textiles are versatile enough to be easily combined with a variety of design styles, from warm minimalism to traditional.


Missoni decorative pillows

Missoni, another label known for its signature prints and weaves, makes what are probably the most sought-after and well-known decorative pillows on the market.

Pop one of the meaningful decorative pillows anywhere in your house and wait for the compliments to arrive – they are so popular.


Pucci decorative pillows

Psychedelic and forever cool, every year the Italian sportswear label Pucci creates limited edition velvet pillows that give every room a feeling of play and never lose value or go out of style.

Casual mix

casual decorative pillows 2019

Long gone are the days of the ’80s decorative pillows that are so upright that they keep potential guests away. Instead, look for decorative pillows that evoke a relaxed, yet stylized mind, and let them sit naturally on a surface rather than loosening up as overly calculated in placement.

Create a mix of patterns as shown above. The takeaway here is keeping a common thread between the mix, like the muted blue that runs through each pillow.


patterned decorative pillows 2019

When it comes to decorative pillows, there is an endless variety of options at different prices. From the scales to manufacturing, you can go virtually any direction.

But those who bring the standard couches to life? Sample please! Get expressive and experiment with patterns, from bold to minimal, and switch them up each season for a quick freshen up the space.


Shag decorative pillows 2019

In the past few years we’ve seen shag enter the interior design world via carpets, tapestries, and now stylish decorative pillows. While they have an inconvenient appeal, they’re a great way to add texture and intriguing visual interest to any room.

Even better when mixed with pillows with no fur or shag to highlight their beauty.


bold decorative pillows 2019

While you’ll shy away from expressive patterns in vibrant hues and versatile finishes, it doesn’t hurt to use bold decorative pillows for the ultimate statement.

Since this is a small item that shouldn’t break the bank, you are taking risks – you might surprise yourself at the mix.


versatile decorative pillows 2019

Would you like to give your home a global, diverse feel without having to use all your energy? Think of bohemian decorative pillows as a stylish way to channel that global energy into your home.

From beads to fringes to tassels, there is lots of fun with bohemian-inspired pillows.

Floor cushions

Floor decorative pillows

Do you need extra seating but don’t want to take up too much space while investing in bulky furniture? As a clever alternative, place your guests on easy-to-move floor cushions.

The best thing about floor pillows? The endless possibilities, of course! From bohemian to minimal, there is a style that suits your home and tastes, adding enviable comfort to the mix.


gothic decorative pillows 2019

For something more traditional and regal, Gothic-inspired decorative pillows from well-known labels such as Gucci are sure to create an appealing elegance thanks to their velvet processing, gold-plated embroidery and symbolic motifs.

And while these cost a little more than other options, the heady upgrade they add to even the simplest of rooms can’t be denied.


Graphic decorative pillows 2019

If bold colors are not for you, you can easily get cheap pillows with a decorative graphic print that is timeless and eye-catching at the same time.

In order to get the maximum benefit over time, our decorators recommend sticking to classic black and white prints, as these are easy on the eye, take little care and can be easily combined with any design style.

Art deco

Art Deco decorative pillows 2019

To take advantage of everyday glamor with ease, opt for bold Art Deco-inspired decorative pillows with symmetrical graphic designs that are sure to never go out of style.

From the perfect Hollywood Regency style pillows to pillows that are reminiscent of pop art, the sky’s the limit.


Tribal decorative pillows 2019

If you’re looking for cheap throw pillows that won’t peel off like that, look into tie-dye and tribal-inspired blue throw pillows, as these are easy to wash and care for and can instantly add an exotic feel to any room.


Pastel decorative pillows 2019

When it comes to decorative pillows, it’s more about your personal taste than the trend. Are you immediately drawn to pastel colors? In this case, a touch of pastel colored pillows gives a sofa a softer, more accessible feel.


Pearl decorative pillows 2019

While often the most expensive and impractical of all decorative pillows, there is something to be said about the beauty of delicately beaded pillows that add a heavy dose of simple, everyday glamor to any room.


decorative pillows with fringes 2019

When it comes to decorative pillows, have fun with them! Be brave, playful, be experimental. The easiest way to do this?

Source pillows with unexpected and fascinating fringes for a touch of elegant Bohemia.


flocked decorative pillows 2019

As a nod to old-school glamor, flocked decorative pillows are an easy way to get into old-world elegance and are comfortable and sturdy to boot. We love the subtle contrasting tones of those pictured above.

Mixed graphics

Tribal decorative pillows 2019

When it comes to affordable decorative pillows, create a mix of different styles as they look all the more polished together.

Otherwise, cheap throw pillows look exactly the same on their own.


Velvet decorative pillows 2019

There’s definitely something ultra-chic about a solid-colored velvet pillow, isn’t there? We don’t know what it is, but we do know that they are all kinds of glories, scattered on your sofa. Maybe it has something to do with the sheen of the velvet or the texture of the fabric? Whatever it is, we love velvet decorative pillows, especially in deep, rich tones to add a touch of luxury to your upholstered furniture.

Imagine dark greens and purples, deep blues and bold golds. Square throw pillows are the best silhouette for velvet, and the bigger the better – you can arrange them with smaller throw pillows in contrasting colors and fabrics.

Mud cloth prints

Mudcloth decorative pillows 2019

Unique, interesting and fabulous; Mudcloth prints were all the rage this year and we see them celebrated well into 2019. They were rather neutral, and all of the visual energy came from the eye-catching prints that are always on trend. Neutral base colors with black patterns (and vice versa) stole the show, and you can see why.

Mud cloth print decorative pillows really stand out from the crowd and look great side by side. They are contrasting and coordinated to make the perfect throw pillow sets. These have a super natural and authentic feel and would be perfect if you prefer a bit of an eclectic “world traveler” vibe in your home.

Slap dash strips

striped decorative pillows 2019

Less formal than country style stripes, these uneven striped decorative pillows are crucial. They look like hand-painted stripes and are reminiscent of tiger or zebra stripes, but without feeling too animal.

They look great in bold contrasting colors like gray and coral and add to the abstract feel of these decorative pillows. Cushions like these give every room a touch of artistic relaxation and liveliness.


Satin decorative pillows 2019

Sateen has made a comeback and we’re so delighted with the soft, shiny lushness it brings with it. Satin always looks gorgeous in deep jewel tones, but we especially love it on blue pillows. From soft light blue to bold dark blue, satin throw pillow sets are great choices for 2019.

They look great as square throw pillows and extraordinary as rectangular lumbar pillows – the immersion in the center is emphasized by the longer line that looks just stunning in the satin.

Country style stripes

striped decorative pillows 2019

Country style striped decorative pillows can be as colorful or subtle as you like. There are so many options and endless styles with this type of decorative pillow. Whether you want thick stripes, thin stripes, sporadic stripes, or countless stripes, there is a country style striped pillow waiting for you. If you want to keep your tones neutral, be in your element and choose country style pillows.

They’re perfect if your approach to a nautical theme too (there are plenty of blue pillows out there) and they’re great if you go for a laid-back neutral theme too. They are simple and fun at the same time, adding an eye-catching square of stripes to your room.

Floral embroidery

floral decorative pillows 2019

Floral embroidery has always looked gorgeous on decorative pillows, but has fallen out of favor over the past decade. We are excited to announce the comeback because there is nothing more exquisite than a hand-embroidered throw pillow on any surface. The colors are often strong and lively and are striking in every room.

If you’re looking for shots with bright colors, flower pillows are an important option. If you want to try your hand at a bit of embroidery and get smart with some embroidery at home, this is a great hack for cheap throw pillows, as embroidered parts can be expensive. Plus, you have something that is really unique in your home.


Leather decorative pillows 2019

You may not immediately think of leather when you think of designer pillows, but they are characterized by a beautiful robustness. Soft light brown suede is great for a comfortable and stylish pillow. A darker, more traditional leather gives upholstered furniture a masculine touch and helps define a space. If you are on a budget, you can buy cheap faux leather decorative pillows that will give you a strikingly similar effect.

Leather is great for large, crowded pillows to toss on at the end of a long day. Choose decorative fringed leather pillows to keep the leather look while adding more texture for a rustic spirit.


ruffled decorative pillows 2019

Frilled decorative pillows give the product a decidedly feminine touch. If you want to embrace femininity in a room, well-made, ruffled pillows are great choices. You can make your bed fit for a queen with a selection of delicately ruffled pillows or keep it calm with neutral tones like gray.

A monochrome tone still gives you a feminine feel without dizzying bells and whistles overtaking your room. They are a pretty addition to home decoration and can be as flaky as you like.

Warm metallics

metallic decorative pillows 2019

Gold and bronze tones are on trend forever, and for good reason. A warm metallic shade is unbeatably glamorous and effortlessly gives any area a soft and luxurious element.

Champagne-colored decorative pillows look equally good alongside other metallic, neutral, and white tones and instantly add a luxurious (yet bright) touch to any bedroom or living room. In velvet, satin, stripes or folds, bronzed hues are also a fail-safe option – they are wonderfully warm and elegant.

Watercolor effect

Warercolor decorative pillows 2019

Watercolor throw pillows are about creating a light and airy, soft and subdued feeling. They add a key visual interest to any room and can be as bright and bold as you like or as gentle and subtle as you prefer.

There are so many beautiful floral designs out there right now, but if floral prints aren’t for you, consider birds, butterflies, stripes, and abstract patterns as stylish alternatives.

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