Best Bed Sheets

Best Bed Sheets

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When it comes to updating your bedding, how do you choose the right bedding at the right price for your budget? The difference between a good quality and an inferior sheet can be harder for a beginner to define than you think. And while you might think you know the difference between the two, if you feel it, Décor Aid interior designers are here to dispel the many myths and misconceptions about finding the best sheets for your home.

How do you know what to look for? What are the best bed linen at any price? And what exactly is it that makes good bed linen?  

All the great questions and luckily for your next home upgrade, we have all the answers. From the more expensive white luxury options meant to have the feel of a five-star hotel, to affordable and stylish (but surprisingly good for the price) bedding, here is our edited list of some of the best bedding for 2019 and beyond.

How do you know a good comforter when you see one?

high quality bed linen 2019

When choosing the perfect bedding in 2019, there are a few considerations you need to make in order to achieve the best possible use for your budget. The three most important things to consider are thread count, fabric type and weave.

Fortunately, with these simple and proven shopping tips, you will soon be able to choose the best bedsheets with confidence and no hassle.

Which fabric is best for a bed sheet?

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The type of fabric is much more important when buying sheets than many people think. When buying bedding online, look out for Pima, Supima, and Egyptian cotton sheets as these are often the best products. As with fashion and furniture, the better the quality of the fabric, the better the bed linen and the longer it will last. So watch out for synthetic blends and avoid, avoid, avoid. 

Trust us, if you run your hand over a standard cotton bed sheet and then over an Egyptian cotton sheet, you will notice a huge difference in quality and feel. All three cottons have long fibers. When they are woven into sheets, they make wonderfully soft and smooth sheets that are silky to the touch and pleasant to the touch. They also last much longer, look fresher longer, and don’t fade as quickly as other cottons and synthetic blends.

How about Thread Count?

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Thread count isn’t the be-all and end-all of choosing the best bed sheets, but it’s still an important factor to keep in mind. Higher thread count sheets tend to be more expensive simply because more labor goes into weaving more threads in an inch. And usually, the more threads you have in a square inch, the more stable and longer it will last, and the softer the sheet, the smoother it will feel.

However, the fabric type exceeds the thread count, so you can afford a slightly lower thread count if you choose a higher quality fabric. Don’t discount thread count as a good indicator of a quality sheet, but remember that thread count does matter when searching for bedsheets online. However, our interior designers have found that lower quality bed sheet manufacturers have recently exaggerated their thread count claims. So be sure to touch the bedding that you plan to buy before buying to ensure a comfortable feeling.

What about weaving?

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There are two main fabrics you might see when you search for bedsheets online: satin and percale.

Percale leaves have the same number of threads running through them horizontally as they do vertically. Tightly woven and combed percale bedsheets have a smooth weave that offers both softness and crispness. Percale is a very durable bed sheet, making percale models the best sheets to withstand frequent washing and wear and tear. If you’ve stayed in some hotels in your time, the sheets you slept on were likely to be percale for that very reason. Higher thread counts make for a heavier bed sheet and lower thread counts for a lighter sheet, which would make the best bed sheet for summer 2019.

Satin (not to be confused with satin) helps make bedsheets that are soft, silky to the touch, and have a sheen that you can’t get with a percale sheet. Satin sheets are woven with more threads that run vertically than horizontally. This means that they are not as dirt and heat resistant as percale, and they won’t take as many turns through your washing machine. If you love the feel of a silky sheet against your skin (really, who doesn’t?) Then satin is the best material for you as you can’t beat its softness.

Which bed linen should be considered based on price?

So now you know what to look for in bedding and what makes it so. Here is what we consider to be the best bedding available at a variety of prices to suit every budget. Discover our top sheets for your home, from single sheets to king-size sheets to bed linen for children’s rooms.

Pratesi Paolina embroidered bed linen – from $ 600

Pratesi Best Bedding for 2019

With over 100 years of experience in the production of bed linen and home textiles of the highest quality, the Pratesi family continues to be a trusted label for traditional beds for the most luxurious homes and hotels in the world. The Pratesi bed linen is still skillfully handcrafted in Florence and offers a perfect balance between proven weaving techniques and timeless minimalism.

And in addition to the carefully made, lush bed sheet sets, which are characterized by a refined simplicity, the finely embroidered Poalina series will certainly help you to upgrade and freshen up your bedroom immediately with elegance and ease. And with a brief glimpse of the collection’s deeply satisfactory manufacturing process, you can better understand the company’s reasons behind using the best-selected cotton ever considered for weaving.

Frette Bold Bed Sheet Set – from $ 925

Frette best bedding for 2019

Another bedding maker known as the most luxurious of them all, Frette has been making quality bedding since 1860. The label’s goods immediately evoke a sophisticated, deeply calming charisma for good reason. Frette is characterized by its Italian heritage and uses the finest fibers and craftsmanship to compliment any sophisticated interior.

The bold bed sheet set has a robust, long-staple cotton finish and a simple graphic and timelessly contrasting border, which is available in various color combinations for every need. The Frette Bold bed sheet set is eye-catching yet minimalist and fits almost any design style, from minimal to mid-century modern.

Anne De Soléne Evanescence Toile Sheet Set – from $ 450

Anne De Solene Best Bed Linen for 2019

Although the number of threads of 200 may sound disappointing at first, the feeling of Anne De Soléne’s Evanescence Toile Sheet Set will quickly change your mind.

Anne De Soléne from Paris is known for luscious bedding for a lifetime and has been making the best heirloom beds in France since 1967. With a long-staple combed cotton percale with a floral and figurative Toile de Jouy design, this bedding set is best suited for homes that are full of elegant throwbacks into the past, such as a home. B. Houses with a more traditional interior. And since the company prides itself on only working with the most luxurious of fabrics, it’s a smart investment. The company also makes bed linen and sheets in one-off, custom sizes.

Drouault Paris Classic Percale Sheet Set – starting at $ 225

Drouault Best Bedding for 2019

If the bedding is good enough to stay at the famous Hotel de Crillon in Paris, you know that Drouault bedding is sure to provide the ultimate in comfort in your own bedroom.

Long-staple combed cotton makes Drouault bedding a standalone product thanks to the supple, silky and robust feel it offers – and makes everything from the label worth the investment.

Ralph Lauren Artisan Loft Collection Moore Vintage Vintage Set with Circle Print – from $ 150

Ralph Lauren Best Bedding for 2019

Leave it to Ralph Lauren to keep creating beautiful and unique, yet affordable, durable and thoughtful bedding. The eclectic Artisan Loft collection is made from decadently soft percale made from Egyptian cotton and features a circular print made from vintage fabric hand-dyed using an ancient Japanese stencil technique called katazome.

And best of all, you can easily bring the lasting quality and appeal of Ralph Lauren bedding into your home without breaking your budget as Ralph Lauren bedding is available for sale anytime, anywhere.

Cuddledown Hotel Sateen Sheet Set – from $ 192 – Timeless and elegant

Cuddledown Hotel Sateen Best sheet set

This bedding offers you a luscious 400 thread count of satin and provides you with a soft and smooth bed sheet. They have a wrinkle-free surface, which is great when you’re firm against wrinkled sheets – who isn’t?

These sheets are all white (with an ivory option) with a colored satin stitch of your choice if you’re looking for more than just a plain white for added visual interest. Our two favorite colors for satin stitches are navy and black – that’s how you get a sophisticated and grown-up sheet.

White Company’s Savoy Linen Collection – starting at $ 169 – Crisp White

The White Company Savoy Linen Collection Best Bedding

The White Company is a UK retailer that has made a name for itself in the US market. He is known for making only the best white sheets for a price that can be bought.

This collection features a 400 thread count finish of Egyptian cotton for a crisp and soothing bed sheet. Overall, they offer a sturdier upgrade to a classic hotel bed sheet that you can afford at home.

Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set – starting at $ 139 – temperature regulation

Schlummer Cloud Stratus Best Sheet Set

If you are always too warm in bed and often wake up from being too hot, these temperature regulating sheets might be the answer to your prayers.

Thanks to a thoughtful approach, there are hands down the best bed sheets for 2019 if you want to stay cool at night. Outlast fibers developed by NASA give these bedsheets an ingenious temperature-regulating quality, which is perfect if you suffer from a bad sleep because you get too hot (or too cold).

Parachute Percale Sheet Set – starting at $ 109 – Lightweight and breathable

Parachute best white sheet sets

Parachute Percale bedding is one of the less expensive options on this list, costing just $ 109 for single sheets, while king-size sheets are only $ 149. Their bed linen is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and is both light and durable.

Though not as soft or supple as satin, these sheets are wonderfully light and breathable, which makes them perfect for a warm summer night.

JCPenney Micro Flannel Sheet Set – starting at $ 77.99 – colorful and soothing

best sheets of yarn dye flannel

A cozy set of flannel bedding is the best option if you get cold at night. They are plush and calming and offer you extra warmth. This also makes them the perfect winter bedding for children, as they are also robust.

They come in a wide variety of colors so you can thematic your bedroom decor while also making bedtime a little more fun. Often made from brushed cotton, they’re long-lasting, soft, and long-lasting – they just won’t disappoint.

Target Threshold Data Sheet Set – Starting at $ 29.99 – Best Bargain

Best bedding 2019

If you’re on a budget for decorating, you couldn’t ask for a better bed sheet for such a low price. The lower price tag makes them great sheets for a kid’s room or guest room where you don’t necessarily want or need to spend a small fortune on sheets.

They are available in many timeless colors and are made from 100% cotton and chemicals. Crunchy to the touch but not quite as soft as the other leaves on this list, they really are a bargain and we can forgive their lack of softness at a price like this.

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