Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Sleeping area carpet

Your home should be a reflection of who you are – all of your habits, routines, and quirks. So make sure your home reflects the importance of a good night’s sleep. Our senior designers have these bedroom design tips for a better night’s sleep.


Sleep dimmer

Bright lights are great for stimulating your focus and staying alert. As bedtime approaches, your lights should gradually dim until the lights go out. Install dimmers so you can end the day in a somber, moodier atmosphere, so you can be flexible about the lighting in your home.

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sleep-neutral colors

Trying to sleep in a room with bright, bright colors is like trying to sleep well with bright light. If you’re thinking of ways to improve your sleep pattern, it’s time to repaint your bedroom. Calming neutrals such as gray, blue and white are the perfect backdrop for a good night’s sleep.

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Switch off sleep electronics

We spend enough of our lives in front of screens. When it comes to electronic devices, it is best to turn them off. One electronic device that we often see in bedrooms is the television. While it can be nice to jump in during a few reps, watching TV right before bed can interfere with restful sleep. Keep your TV in the living room or behind closed doors in the bedroom. You may not catch up on your favorite shows, but you will at least have some relaxing Zs.

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Sleep symmetry

A hectic and disorganized bedroom can make it difficult to fall asleep. Try to give the room a certain symmetry to give your sleeping quarters a natural harmony. Set up your bed so you can get out on either side and frame it with matching bedside tables. Check out what we look like with a four-poster bed frame in this Central Park penthouse.

Window decorations

Sleep window treatments

If the sunrise seems – and should – seem ridiculous to you, consider some new window treatments. Blackout drapes are great for those extra minutes of sleep and will help you catch a meaningful eye Weekends.

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Sleep suppression

Clutter is the opposite of good design. And there are also plenty of distractions when trying to rest. Consider adding additional storage space: it will keep clutter out of your path and out of your dreams.

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Bed linen

Bed linen sleep

Restraint is an important principle when purchasing furniture and designing rooms. But when it comes to bedding, the sky is the limit. Getting crazy. Whether it’s an extra half-dozen pillows or a second duvet, do whatever it takes to make your bed more comfortable.

Sleeping area carpet

Noisy neighbors? Loud children? If others tend to wake you up, consider adding rugs or carpeting to your room. Put a large area rug around your bed so you can easily rest at night and start your day on a soft surface. Check out how we looked in this luxury Miami Beach condo.