Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom but struggling to decide on bathroom tiles? Are you looking for inspiration? Believe us, we know that choosing which direction to go can be difficult. Fortunately, we reached out to Décor Aid interior designers to come up with 17 bathroom tile ideas to consider for a freshening up the bathroom and backsplash.

Whether you are looking for bathroom tile ideas or tiles for the walls, fear not. We have a wealth of failsafe ideas that will look stunning in your bathroom. 

Scallop / shell tiles

scalloped bathroom tile ideas

These are super cute and add a Mediterranean feel to any bathroom. They come in all sorts of colors, and you can switch from a bold and lively look to a low-key and sophisticated look.

If you go for a bold color, choose just one wall as it can be overwhelming. However, they look great in the shower or bathtub.

Retro colors

vibrant retro bathroom tile design ideas

Pink, blue and green, accompanied by eye-catching black border tiles, are popping up everywhere at the moment. Retro colors look gorgeous and brighten up a boring room if you let them.

Most of these bathroom tile designs come with black borders to tie everything together, but could be slightly brightened with white borders instead for something a little less stark.

Vertical bathroom tiles

vertical bathroom tile ideas

As you approach decorating or designing a room in your home, it sometimes pays to think outside the box for something really surprising and spectacular. And the same goes for ingenious bathroom tile designs.

By going against the grain in the bathroom mentioned above, the savvy designer responsible for the creative problem solved a brilliant new approach to tile placement that was certainly affordable. For your own noteworthy bathroom tile ideas, consider new approaches to easy placement and installation. Simple – be the key here. Since you don’t have to be too smart or experimental, you should come up with new approaches to tiling that aren’t too confusing or unjustified for them to stand the test of time.

Tiled accent walls

Again, placement can be crucial when it comes to meaningful bathroom tile. We love how the graphically contrasting penny tiles were only saved for backsplash accent walls (where tiles are really needed) instead of completely covering every surface.

If the designer who recognized the space above weren’t smart enough by completely covering one or all of the walls shown here, the space would look smaller and less brighter. By saving graphic tiles for just two walls, the bathroom looks spacious, unique and ultimately well planned. The same applies to the way in which the floor covering was approached. By saving bathroom tile ideas only for the tape that surrounds the tub, the room looks much more visually interesting. It also allows the eye to see how good the selected tiles look rather than glossing over them.

Mirrored walls

mirrored bathroom tile ideas

We have said it before and we will say it again. Mirrors are the best, most affordable way to make any room feel instantly glamorous, brighter, bigger, and more expensive.

And when it comes to bathroom tile ideas that look like they’re worth a large investment, mirrored tiles are an effective and mood-enhancing way to do just that. But the best thing about mirrored bathroom tile design ideas? They give you so much more opportunity to check your hair, clothes, and makeup – just make sure your lighting is up to date and not too abrasive as it may prevent you from never leaving the house want when your lighting is glaring or harsh clinical.

Terrazzo walls

Terrazzo bathroom tile ideas

Terrazzo surfaces, features and fittings have been all the rage during international design shows lately.

But why do interior designers, architects and renovation experts keep coming back to this timeless material? For starters, terrazzo surfaces make for clever bathroom tiles that allow you to add splashes of color to the room and hide everyday stains and other things. And honestly, when it comes to forever chic bathroom tile, there is no other material that is as inexpensive and durable. Go a different pace and think about ways to bring terrazzo into your bathroom, from floors to walls to accessories. Have fun with this pop art option that is reminiscent of colorful freckles and is full of life.

Patterned bathroom tiles

patterned bathroom tile ideas

When it comes to unforgettable bathroom tile ideas in such a small space that is mostly reserved for practicality and little else, it sometimes pays to be brave whenever and wherever you can.

However, when we consider bathroom tile ideas, our interior designers recommend keeping the rest of the space to a minimum so that it is easy on the eye. The great thing about patterned tile floors is that they add enviable style and unexpected prints and colors to your bathroom, but they also hide everyday stains in an otherwise high-traffic area. Something just made of white or solid tile floors would make it stand out. Clean less? Always going!

Male edge

inspiring ideas for bathroom tiles

The simplicity of the robust bathroom design ideas looks very appealing due to their timelessness. With strong gray tones, the bathrooms have evolved from a traditionally female room to a gender-neutral room.

Combine white tiles with dark mortar and gray wall paint or dark blue tiles with white walls. Dropping the orchids and pale pink towels is all the rage right now – space for a more subtle, but equally relaxing, no-frills space.


modern geometric bathroom tile designs

Hexagonal bathroom tile ideas are great, and we don’t just mean these little hexagonal mosaic tiles. Today’s hexagons have gotten bigger. They make for a really cool beehive vibe and look great in white or calm colors.

Why not brighten up a white wall with hexagonal tiles of different colors? You could even deviate from the traditional bathroom tile colors and opt for a yellow and red for a really bold design.

Carpet tiles

Bathroom tile trends

No, we don’t mean the carpet tiles that you would place in an office, we mean bathroom tiles that look like carpet. This means no more borders and fussy floor tiles for an equally amazing look. You can work the entire floor this way, or opt for bath mat-sized sections outside of the shower or in front of the sink.

These bathroom tile ideas add a homely and comfortable feel to a space that might otherwise be a bit clinical. They are lively and colorful and are suitable for any bathroom, large or small.


Chevron bathroom tile ideas

Is there a room where you can’t have chevrons? The simple answer is no! They couldn’t have a list of bathroom design ideas and couldn’t include chevrons. The great thing about chevrons is that they can be either bold or subtle. Lay out long rectangular tiles of the same color in a chevron design for a raised look, either on the floor or on the walls.

For something more adventurous, choose tiles with contrasting colors and take this chevron pattern across the walls into town.

Stripes in bold

striped hotel bathroom tile design ideas

Introducing a bold streak into your bathroom tile designs is a cool way to make an impact. Since stripes make a big statement, limit your striped tile design to one area of ​​the bathroom.

This looks especially cool in the shower – bold black and white stripes running vertically across the back of your shower, or some bright and vibrant contrasting colors work very well here, combined with simple tiles in the rest of your bathroom.

Mirror frame tiles

eclectic bathroom design

Framing your mirror or mirrors with bathroom tile is a smart way to create a raised feature without it being too loud. If you don’t like bright colors but still want to create a focal point in your bathroom, this is the look for you.

Make a border out of small gray, black, or white tiles to frame your mirrors. This is an effortlessly elegant way to create a custom function that won’t break the bank.

Moroccan mood

Moroccan bathroom tile ideas

Moroccan tiles are always exotic and colorful, which makes them a great floor and wall tile addition to your bathroom. If you want to feel like you are going on vacation every time you step into the shower, then this is the perfect design idea.

Use it to tile your shower or bath area or the wall behind your mirror.

Subway tiles

striped bathroom tile ideas

Bathroom tile designs with subway tiles are always stylish. Retro and industrial, these tiles make a boring bathroom interesting. With their glossy surface, they make perfect wall tiles and look incredible with a contrasting colored grout.

Ombre effect

gray bathroom tile ideas

This looks great in the shower or powder room, starting with a dark color and fading into white or vice versa. Using small tiles is the right way to achieve this – the small mosaic tiles work best.

Take the time to lay out the tiles exactly how you want them to create the perfect ombre effect. Of all of the bathroom tile ideas on this list, this one certainly takes the most work, but it’s worth it.  

Black and white floor

small bathroom tile ideas

When it comes to bathroom tile ideas this is a classic, but don’t be fooled, it is easy. Black and white floor tiles look great in a small or large space.

There are arrangements with a lot of white space and many with a greater dominance of black tiles. Whatever you want, your floor will look great.  

Everything white

white bathroom tile ideas

Don’t be afraid of all white bathroom tile ideas. All white bathrooms can look very chic without looking clinical. They look especially beautiful with copper or bronze fittings, faucets, and shower heads (which will add a real touch of luxury to your bathroom).

Brighten up an all white bathroom with brightly colored towels and accessories if you are concerned about it looking too white. Any white bathroom tile ideas are also great if you have a small bathroom – since not everyone has a huge bathroom to work with. White opens up your room and makes it look bigger.

Polished finish

Marble bathroom tile ideas

Polished bathroom tiles aren’t often seen outside of spas and upscale hotels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in your bathroom at home. Small bathroom tile ideas can make your bathroom look so luxurious that you can’t help but relax in there.

Go for all white bathroom tile for a calming vibe, or introduce a gray or blue floor to make your room pop.

Wood effect tiles

rustic bathroom tile ideas

Wood effect tiles are great for bathroom tile designs if you don’t like the look of traditional bathroom tile. You still get the sturdiness and waterproofness of the tiles, but with a wooden floor look.

Real wood floors can be impractical in a bathroom, especially with all those wet feet – but this gives you the best of both worlds.

Mild pastels

Retro bathroom tile ideas

If you are looking for cozy and relaxing bathroom tile, go for pastel colors. Think yellow, pink, blue, green, and lilac. These don’t have to be distributed over an entire wall, but rather make them a focal point – be it a border or a specific area that is tiled.

Pastel tiles scream retro and are a great way to add color to your space without overwhelming it.

Inconsistent and alive

modern bathroom tile ideas

In need of bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms? It may be bold, but why not use color explosively in your bathroom and go crazy about your bathroom tile designs? Combine different colors, patterns and sizes to create really inspiring bathroom tile designs.

Color is the key. Don’t limit yourself to just the walls, either – bathroom tile ideas can be busy and brave too.

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