Bachelor Pad Ideas

Bachelor Pad Ideas

Bachelor pad ideas

Are you moving into your first bachelor pad and need help equipping to make your dreams come true, or are you looking for bachelor pad ideas to make the most of your space? To inspire you, we’ve selected 10 epic bachelorette party design ideas from Décor Aid designers to add value to your home with ease.

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Bachelor Home Ideas 2019

Just like decorating a room with a plan of action, approach the aesthetics of your bachelorette party to get the most out of your space without sacrificing too much time.

Create a plan to meet your needs, wants, and visions with ease – from the savvy bachelorette party ideas included in this handy resource guide to bringing in items you’ve always wanted.

Functional art

Bachelor pad ideas loft apartments

Art beautifies any home, but if you’re not a fan of the more classic works of art and you’re short on space, how about keeping your art on a functional level? Make your bike a focal point – mount it on the wall or ceiling for a cool and functional artistic display – which is better than prop it up on the front door.

If you are looking for stag and hen party ideas for small spaces or stag party ideas on a budget, art that doubles in function is a great alternative. If you want to collect records, display them on the wall. They become easily accessible, add personality to your home, and make for a great artistic look. From the TV on the wall to your books and kitchen gadgets, keep an eye on your home for your own artistic bachelorette party ideas.

Industrial floors

Bachelor pad ideas flooring

Who doesn’t love an industrial look? And where better than your own bachelorette party? Because industry and masculinity go hand in hand; We love the look of polished concrete floors and rough-hewn wood floors like those seen in a new client’s home. Not only do they look fantastic, they are also very versatile. This makes them one of the best bachelor accommodation ideas.

But if polished concrete isn’t for you, bring bare flooring to the industry. When it comes to bachelor pad living room ideas, bare floorboards are a great option. They are masculine and industrial as well as warm and welcoming.

Pallet furniture

Bachelor pad ideas furniture

If you are thinking of stag and hen party design ideas on a budget, pallet furniture is a great option to try. All you need to get started is a bit of DIY know-how (which is easy to find on YouTube). Pallet furniture doesn’t just look cool, it’s amazingly cheap – get pallets and screws and you’re good to go.

You can build a raised bed platform to place your mattress on. Combine these with some comfy pouffe cushions and your friends will come to you for ideas for the bachelor pad living room.

Space-saving fun

Bachelor pad ideas decoration advice

What’s a bachelorette party without fun? It’s a must-have when it comes to ultimate bachelorette party ideas. Not everyone has a spot to build a full size pool table into. That’s why we’ve come up with some space-saving stag party ideas so you can still have fun.

The simplest of all ideas is a dartboard – this can be screwed directly to the wall and becomes the focal point, or it can be hidden in a nice wooden cabinet.

Exposed brick

Bachelor Pad Ideas How To Decorate

If you have a wall that you can create a feature on with exposed brick, use it to your decor advantage as this is perfect for big or small ideas for stag or hen parties. Exposed bricks look stunning and create a masculine, raw edge in your apartment.

Whether it’s a wall or the entire apartment, we just can’t get over how incredibly exposed brick looks for bachelorette accommodation ideas.

Wood paneling

Bachelor pad ideas living room

Wood paneling is one of those bachelorette party ideas that can make any room look more sophisticated. This is the perfect way to make your apartment cozy while adding a masculine touch. Wood paneling can be a little expensive. So if you are on a budget, you may need to look at other stag party ideas.

Wood paneling is pure luxury and it is high on our list for 2018 Bachelor Pad Ideas. Keep it traditional and choose a dark stain or something a little more vibrant with a light color or white. And if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a sophisticated dark blue or gray.


Bachelor pad ideas leather sofa

Introducing leather to the design of your Bachelor Pad Apartment ideas is a must. Leather looks good, from a leather sofa to a leather armchair to a leather stool. Dark wall colors and vintage brown leather sofas look too good together and we think they should be included in all 2018 Bachelor Pad ideas.

Vintage pieces can be expensive. So if you’re designing stag and hen party ideas on a budget, look for vintage-style pieces or check out thrift stores for the perfect distressed leather piece.

Mix dark colors with light

Bachelor Pad Ideas Apartment Design

If your space isn’t that big and you’re interested in little bachelorette party ideas, combine your color scheme with light and dark to add a sense of space. We all know that light colors make rooms appear larger and dark colors make rooms appear smaller. So use this to your advantage. Have three walls painted a light color and one dark color – this creates an effect and draws attention to the dark wall, making your room look longer.

Paint the wall behind the shelf a dark color for a focal point in your room, or deepen it behind a chimney in a striking color.

Mix traditional with modern

Decorating Bachelor Pad Ideas

Mixing traditional with modern elements is one of the ultimate bachelorette party ideas to try for yourself. This style has such an impact and is great for large or small bachelor pad ideas.

If you combine the old and the new, a versatile atmosphere is created that belongs to you at home. Collect little things the way you see them – in both antique and thrift stores.

Entertaining space

Bachelor pad ideas apartment

Every bachelor’s dream is to have a bar at home. If you have the space and the money, make the investment. Have a cocktail station decked out with all the shiny tools and an array of vibrant glass bottles. Do you need stag or hen party ideas for small spaces and you don’t have enough space to install a bar? Invest in a drinks cart so you can easily entertain.

You can go for a minimalist retro design or you can go all out to get a globe. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest bachelorette party ideas that makes a world of difference. Whatever you choose, your friends will thank you for having the drinks on hand.

Keep it minimal

Decorate bachelorette party 2019

From Silicon Valley to the Big Apple, it’s not just about perfecting a proper bachelorette pad, but rather creating the best space for you to relax at the end of a long day while getting away from the stylish ideas for bachelor pads to get inspiration brought all over your home.

By keeping your bachelor pad minimal overall, you’ll save a lot of time on cleaning and organizing as everything has its own place and there isn’t too much clutter to distract or worry about. Take note of the clever bachelorette party ideas highlighted in the kitchen above. The room is minimally appealing, but still looks warm and inviting and looks just as easy to clean as it is timeless.

Organization is key

2019 Bachelor Pad Ideas

Just like any other area, create a bachelor pad with smart organizational routes for an easy-to-manage area that is equally attractive to boot into.

Think about what are the best 2019 Bachelor Pad Ideas for your space. Are you a clear pragmatist? Or are you a collector of memorabilia that you would love to see beautifully on your bachelor pad?

Either way, storage space is essential to seamlessly bring your 2019 bachelorette party ideas to life. Once every element in your home has a specific area, you’ll see how much easier it is to manage the space with little to no time.

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