Add Pops Of Color In Your Home

Add Pops Of Color In Your Home

Incorporate art to add pops of color to your home

Any good designer will tell you that a neutral palette can be a great backdrop to create a well-curated interior. An amazing way to add stylistic cohesion to your home is by sourcing a neutral decor. In recent years this design theme has been highlighted in the trend colors. Tan, various shades of gray, and several shades of white were the must-have chic shades. However, “This year we have seen a clear move away from neutrality in the interior and have switched to bright, bold and colorful shadesSean Juneja, CEO of Décor Aid. Incorporating bold colors into your space will not only brighten the room, it will also give you a feeling of renewal and energy.

Revamp the design of your home and stay on trend by introducing pops of color. Be careful not to commit excess paint. This design technique is about using just the right amount of color to design your space. Not everyone has the time and resources to examine how color can be successfully incorporated into their home decor. That is why we asked our interior designers for their expert advice on how to properly use dabs of color in your rooms.

Paint the inside of bookshelves

    Paint on bookshelves to add pops of color to your home

Subtle enough not to overwhelm and outshine the current color scheme of your room. Just like painting the inside of your bookshelves boldly is a great way to wake up one of your rooms without overshadowing the other decor. This design tip is for those who want to try a new color but don’t want to commit to painting an entire room or wall a new hue.

“If you just paint the edges of the shelves, it looks more subtle. Both options attract visitors and bring a sense of novelty to your home when it needs fresh air. “ David G.

If you don’t have a bookcase in the room you’re designing, anytime you can try painting the room’s doors and window frames. Another option is to do the opposite: paint your shelves gray and combine them with colorful furniture.

Sofa, chairs & dining chairs

yellow armchair to add a splash of color to your home

So including in artwork, accent walls, and painting is a great way to add pops of color. However, not everyone wants to paint. Why not upgrade your sofa or dining room chairs? Upholstering a sofa in bold fabrics or a sofa with bright and chic patterns will add a splash of color too. A more affordable approach is to add brightly colored armchairs that are a stylish, contrasting compliment.

“I encourage all of my clients to have fun designing a space in their home. I also tell them not to be afraid of adding parts that they think won’t go with their neutral decor. “ Nicolle N explains.

If you want to redesign your dining room, consider using chairs of different colors. Statement colors like yellow shine in combination with a neutral interior. When designing a space, don’t forget that contrasting bold text and neutrality is exactly what you need to complete the look of your home.

Small but powerful accents

Add colorful accents that add pops of color to your home

“I’ve found that customers who are reluctant to change are more willing to use bolder designs when presented in the form of smaller accents like blankets, pillows, and vases.” Designer Ali reveals.

Accent pillows are great for those who aren’t sure which bold color is best for them. You can try on oranges, blues, and other bold shades until you find the perfect color.

Make sure you use multiple pillowcases. This makes it easy to switch colors if you haven’t decided on a particular color. Smaller accent pieces add pops of color which are examples of the right amount of color required to make a room feel renewed and refreshed. Like many other tricks mentioned, this is also a great way to incorporate your personality into your space.

Gallery background

Gallery backdrop to add a splash of color to your home

If you already have an art gallery in your home or are planning to add one, know that this is a great opportunity to add a pop of color to your room. Statement blues, tonal reds, and invigorating oranges are shades that would make for a brilliant gallery backdrop.

An accent wall is a great way to combine it with art to create a focal point in any room. You will see how the pigmentation in the wall paint makes the color appear alive in your art.Designer Kimberly P.

In other words, painting a gallery background in vibrant hues helps create an eye-catching focal point. Neutral colors like gray and ivory wouldn’t achieve the same effect, resulting in a lackluster accent wall.

Paint doors or window frames or paneling

Paint doors to add pops of color to your home

When you paint your doors, window frames and siding, you can incorporate a bolder color like red in just the right amounts. This trick ensures that the previous color scheme is complemented, not overshadowed.

“When you paint window frames and cladding in light and airy colors, the eye is drawn to the incoming natural light. I use this design trick when I’m designing a small room because it makes the room appear more spacious and spacious than a cooler shade. ” Maria T explains.

Painting the doors and window frames of your home not only adds that much-needed pop of color, but is also a trick many designers use to incorporate character into their clients’ homes. Nobody wants to repaint something they just painted, but if you don’t like the color, all you have is the frame or siding to repaint instead of repainting four walls.

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Paint kitchen cabinets to add pops of color to your home

Before the start of 2018, most designers predicted the end of neutral color dominations, which meant many would say goodbye to classic, traditional, all-white cuisine. Decorating with lighter colors is a great interior design idea for people who want to pop a room with color. A great place to add bolder colors to your previously pure white kitchen is in the cabinets.

You don’t have to worry about color clashes as vibrant shades like purple or jam will look great with pre-existing shades and materials that are already in your room. V or tonal shades of red subtly complement various tones of wood, stainless steel and other mixed metals, as well as stones like quartz and granite.

Image via: BHG

Include art

Incorporate art to add pops of color to your home

Incorporating your art into your home can be a daunting task for some, but it doesn’t have to be, and it’s worth a try because the pieces you curate can redesign a room and give it the color it lacked. No need to worry about what type of art to go with, visit galleries, and while shopping, choose a colorful piece that appeals to you the most. They will add a touch of color and personality.

“Colorful works of art have eye-catching designs and will create a bold contrast every time. I always source art for my clients when I’m working with a space that was previously designed with a neutral palette. Art is the perfect way to incorporate beautiful hues into your otherwise neutral space. “ Pamela S adds.